Las Vegas Vampires: 

Join Lance and Leila Steel as they navigate the vampire world of Las Vegas Vampires, fraught with danger, excitement, hot steamy sex, and much more!

1_Tempted by a Vampire.jpg

1. Tempted by a Vampire

Newly divorced, I wasn't interested in jumping into a new relationship.

Then I saw him, Lance Steel, owner of the exclusive Caprice Casino and Club Moroii.

He was exciting and adventurous with sinful good looks, reeked of danger, and turned my world upside down.

Then Lance swept me away for the most erotic weekend of my life... and I discovered that he was a vampire.

Will Lance Steel, and my association with him, be the death of me?

4_Broken by a Vampire.jpg

2. Boken by a Vampire

My name is Leila Steel and I died in a botched C-section. Now, they want to keep my daughter, but I can’t let that happen.

Now, my first feed must come from a vampire, or I will become like them.
But I won’t let that happen. I must stay focused for her… for my children.
Until Lance comes, I must hold them off… alone.

But when he comes, will he save me? Or will I be broken by a vampire?

2_Seduced by a Vampire.jpg

2. Seduced by a Vampire

As I lay in the darkness, I remind myself that there are many types of love.
Some, you would die for.
I brace myself and silently prepare to fight when another sharp pain wraps its steely fingers in its tight grasp.
I’m not sure how long I can hold out, but I must.

For him. I would die for him.

He is coming for me. He is here.
I just hope that he’s not too late?

5_Made by a Vampire.jpg

2. Made by a Vampire


Soon, I discover that Raif, my once best friend, was the mastermind behind the attacks on my family.

Raif and Selestra are wreaking havoc in our vampire world. I start seeing her in the most unexpected places, and there's only one thing she wants... me.

But they will discover that I, too, can be vindictive and ruthless... even more than the vampire who made me.

3_Choice of a Vampire.jpg

2. Choice of a Vampire

My name is Lance Steel. I’m the owner of Caprice Casino and Club Moroii, located on the Las Vegas strip. I’m a husband, a damned good father, and I’m also a vampire.

I wish I could become human again for her. In fact, I dream of it.

Now, someone is after them and I must do everything in my power to protect them. For them, I would give up everything… including my vampire.

6_Loved by a Vampire.jpg

2. Loved by a Vampire


After Raif and Selestra took revenge on my family, we had no choice but to send our children away with Raven, a dear friend and the most powerful of all witches.

To destroy me, Raif wants to claim Leila as his own… but we won’t let that happen. For Raif has no idea what it is to be loved by a vampire.  The day of judgment will come… either for them or for us.