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At first, I thought him to be a diplomat, a government official, or the head of a new Mafia faction. So, I waited, biding my time.

Truth be told, he could have taken me then, in plain sight, at the time of his choosing.

Instead, he came to me, alone in my bed, nude and defenseless.

Although I had never seen him before this day, I knew him well.

He was death personified, come to claim me.

For he was my hitman, and I was his mark.

1_Tempted by a Vampire.jpg

Tempted by a Vampire (Las Vegas Vampires, #1)

Newly divorced, I wasn't interested in jumping into a new relationship.

Then I saw him, Lance Steel, owner of the exclusive Caprice Casino and Club Moroii.

He was exciting and adventurous with sinful good looks, reeked of danger, and turned my world upside down.

Then Lance swept me away for the most erotic weekend of my life... and I discovered that he was a vampire.

Will Lance Steel, and my association with him, be the death of me?