Mafia Ties:

Join Adrienne Kingsley, one of the most ruthless Crime Bosses in history, as she juggles being the only woman Crime Boss in a male-dominated world, as well as her love of Eli Gold, son of another Mafia Crime Family. Brutal vengeance, hot sex, and much more!

Dark Romance

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My name is Adrienne Kingsley, daughter of Harrison Kingsley, Don of the Kingsley Crime Family. So, I guess that makes me a Mafia Princess. But I’m no princess at all. Anything but. Dad raised me alone and I’ve just known him as my father, not as the ruthless kingpin he is. But now, all that’s about to change.

Dear-old-dad appointed me as the new Underboss for the Kingsley Crime Family in this male-driven world. Many of the men don’t like it, but too bad. I happen to be Harrison Kingsley’s only child and the sole heir to the kingdom… and I’m as ruthless as they come.

1. Chosen by Blood

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2. Tainted Blood

Now that I'm the respected Don of the Kingsley Crime Family, people in the family are lined up to meet me, wondering what I'm going to do next. Others wonder if I really did what the rumors say. Others are wanting to try their luck against the new Don. But you can't be the boss without ruffling a few feathers, right?

When a car accident changes everything, it also makes me wonder if Reggie was really the one who wanted me dead. But the alternative is more sinister than even I can imagine. But being the boss doesn't come without hardship... as well as its privileges.


3. Blood and Honor

After being brutally raped and beaten, I'm angry.
So angry I can't even speak.
The only thing I can think of is revenge.

I'm broken. Eli helps to put me back together, but it's not enough.
I want retribution.
Soon, everyone will know what happens when you commit rape.
And God help anyone who crosses the King.

To restore my honor, I seek blood.
I've memorized each of their faces and I'm coming for them.
It's the only thing that will truly help me to move on.
And I always go after what I want... personally.


4. Blood Birthright

Now that I’m officially the head of the Kingsley Crime Family, there is a lot to do with opening the Gilded Cage, the new club, and no time to grieve. But now, I’m learning that secrets abound in my family, more than I ever knew.

While Eli’s considering my offer to become my Second, I want him to make the best decision for himself. But I don’t see how it can work out between us any other way. He's my rock and knows what I need and want, sometimes before I know myself. He's been there for me in ways that no other man has. Now, I want more… and so does he.